Chevrolet emblem turns 100

The Chevrolet emblem first appeared in 1913, on 1914vehicles such as the Chevrolet H-2 Royal Mail and the Chevrolet H-4 Baby Grand.There are a great many versions of how the Chevrolet brand emblem appeared,but, according to GM's management, it is known for sure that it was Chevrolet co-founder William Durant who suggested using the emblem. He also suggested using it in the front of the car, with the Chevrolet branding. For more references, check out: customize chevy emblems

There are versions that during a trip to Paris, at the hotel, William saw an interesting pattern on the wallpaper in the room, which he decided to use as the emblem of the car company. According to another version, voiced by Durant's daughter, that her father was very fond of drawing butterflies and ties, one of which he decided to use as an emblem.

A century later, the bow tie emblem has adorned 215,000,000vehicles worldwide. 60,000,000 vehicles remain on the world's roads to this day.

GM said Chevrolet cars and trucks are sold every 6.39 second sin 140 countries around the world.

Chevrolet 's bow tie emblem is recognizable around the world, synonymous with American ingenuity. As Chevrolet Marketing Director Tim Mahoney said: "Wherever you travel, in Chevrolet cars, whether it is rocky mountains, where you drive a heavy load in your Silver ado or race on the highway southward, you will always have the Chevrolet logo in front of you." ...


The emblems, like our other products, are manufactured using stainless steel, which gives them a special shine and charm. And also colored non-metallic elements can be used in our products, which complements, decorate sand revives our products.


It all depends on your idea of ​​what you want to see on your car. You must present the appearance and describe it well to us, as well as indicate the method of attachment to the car body.


By default, the emblems have an adhesive layer of a good American company 3M for secure attachment to the car body. If a more rigid attachment is required, the emblems can be additionally equipped with studs and nuts.


In order to order an emblem for your car, you will need to provide the following data:

· overall size of the emblem (vertical and horizontal size),

· a description of the idea behind the logo (drawing or photograph, font, background color (s), etc.),

· selection of the desired method of attachment(3M adhesive layer or studs for rigid attachment of the emblem).

· If studs are used as an attachment for the emblem, additional dimensions will be needed (center-to-center dimensions and diameter of the studs).